Patrick Brennan (born Patrick Oliver Lampson) was a Christmas baby, born on December 25 1974 to actress Eileen Brennan and her then husband David Lampson. Patrick was born in Los Angeles, California and still resides in the Los Angeles area with his wife of 4 years Jessica, their son Liam and new baby daughter Maggie.

Being the son of Emmy winner Eileen Brennan, Patrick grew up in the acting industry. He often traveled with his mother to different locations and countries for filming which was where his love of acting first began. Patrick attended Santa Monica College and went on to play college basketball on a full scholarship to Azusa Pacific University. It was after this time that Patrick realized his true love of acting. He then went on to study with some of the best, including Larry Moss, Uta Hagen and Wynn Handman. Patrick made his way into theatre, getting named one of the “Best Theatre Actors in Los Angeles” by LA Magazine in 2004.

Interesting facts…

Patrick is 6″ ?

Acting is in his blood not only is his mother an amazing actress but he is also the grandson of Silent Film actress Jean Manahan.

Patrick secretly wants to be an R&B superstar..


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